Harvesting Rainwater, Making a Difference

Several years ago the North Warren Garden Club began their beautification initiative of the Historic District, which consisted of beautifully arranged seasonal plantings. The ongoing effort to keep the flowers hydrated has been solely supported by their members.

Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary contacted the BEC regarding their rain barrel proposal. The project would promote water conservation and encourage the public to assist with keeping the seasonal plantings hydrated.

Rain barrels are placed under or connected to a gutter’s downspout. Each barrel then collects approximately 50 gallons of water. Harvesting rainwater has many benefits including saving water, and saving money.

Since the proposal, Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary has installed a rain barrel at 31 Main Street and other locations are currently being installed. Property owners may expand upon this effort by installing their own rain barrels for public or private use.

Community members are encouraged to water flowers as needed. A watering can is located near each barrel.