Historic District Wi-fi Project

Did you know one in 10 people leave an establishment or commercial center because of a lack of free WiFi? It is imperative for the overall health of our local small businesses that their customers have access to this ever-growing technological link. Knowing the importance of free access, the first project the BEC undertook in 2015 was installing WiFi in the Village area.

Thanks to generous donors, local businesses and volunteers, the BEC established three WiFi networks throughout the Historic District’s main commercial area. Known on any cellular device as BECNet1, BECNet2, and BECNet3, these networks provide WiFi — and best yet, these networks are FREE. That means zero tax payer money is used to establish or maintain them.

As a result of the tremendously positive response, the BEC is continuing to work on the logistics required to expand and strengthen the BECNet networks. Enjoy!