Footbridge Revitalization Featuring the “Skate + Arts Park” Proposal

Footbridge Revitalization Featuring the “Skate + Arts Park” Proposal

Revitalize: to restore something to life or give it new life. Revitalizing adds newness and strength.

The BEC recently asked community members for their input on what they’d like to see in efforts to revitalize Footbridge Park. The ideas were nothing short of amazing!

Clearly, revitalizing Footbridge Park means many different things to the residents of Blairstown. Some life long residents recall skating with friends at the skatepark built by locals at the Footbridge Park coal bins years ago. Local teenagers want to see a unique artful space for them to “hang out.” Young families in town would love to see some upgraded playground equipment for their little ones. Our local fishermen want easier access to the great fishing holes in the Paulins Kill River that so peacefully runs right along the park’s edge.

Just imagine strolling down a lovely wooden ramp from the parking lot into Footbridge park. Glancing to your left, where there once was a run-down basketball court, you see families teaching their little ones to ride a bike on a lovely concrete pad, teens playing guitar on the steps of a mini amphitheater and seniors admiring beautifully painted murals on the historic coal bins! Looking ahead, three generations of fishermen are safely accessing the “good holes” in the river from an accessible dock. After a lovely dinner downtown you stroll across the footbridge to your car parked in a well-lit parking lot at Footbridge Park.

The BEC is committed to helping bring the community’s dreams and ideas to fruition. We believe Footbridge Park is an under-utilized asset with an ideal proximity to the downtown area, a one-of-a-kind historic landmark, and the best parking capacity we have in the village area to build on.

Skate + Arts Park Proposal

On Wednesday, January 25th, 2023, the BEC presented its idea to Blairstown Twp Committee for a very special upgrade to Footbridge Park. The Committee unanimously approved the BEC’s proposal to begin work on planning out a skate park with additional art features. With this new “green light,” work is set to begin to make this big idea a big reality for little ol’ Blairstown! Take a look at the presentation below at what just might be possible if we can all come together to make it happen!  

If you’d like to help make these visions for Footbridge Park revitalization become real please e-mail us at!