Where we are with Cedar Lake

During the past few years the BEC has taken an active interest in Cedar Lake Farm (CLF) with hopes of leasing the property. Unfortunately, the state does not have the budget or resources to properly manage or maintain the property. Our goal was to help improve the property and make it more accessible to residents.

Tractor at Cedar Lake

We had two Community Clean-up Days which included painting the barn and fences and pulling out brush. Many people showed up with paint brushes and tools in hand. A dedicated volunteer even drove his tractor from Frelinghuysen to CLF to pull out stumps and invasive brush.

Cedar Lake Farm in Blairstown NJ

Cedar Lake Farm is owned by the state of New Jersey. It was acquired by NJ in 2001 and added to the Green Acres program in 2002. It is managed by Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife, and is part of the Kittatinny Valley State Park. As such, it is open to the public under the regulations of the Park. Before the state acquired the property, it was a fully-equipped facility for the training and rehabilitation of race horses.

Cedar Lake clean up

The BEC had attempted to enter into an agreement with the State but we are unable to finalize the agreement because the state’s requirements for insurance & liability were more than a small non-profit organization like ours could comply with. We remain hopeful that a solution can be found that will allow the property to be maintained and improved, but there does not appear to be an immediate remedy. We have held a number of work sessions on the property, and we remain open to future projects as time and resources allow.

If anyone is interested in working to find a solution to Cedar Lake, please contact us.