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As the BEC strives to improve quality of life in the Blairstown area, it is imperative to consider the wellbeing of its citizenry. Sadly, an epidemic of addiction has impacted individuals and families across the country that requires local communities take action. In response, members of the BEC banded together to form the Blairstown Community Addiction Response and Education (CARE) Coalition. Members include the Blairstown Police Department, Blairstown Twp. Committee representatives, the North Warren Municipal Alliance Consortium, local school officials, county organizations, non-profits, local business leaders, faith leaders, and concerned residents.

The mission of CARE is to raise awareness about the presence, dangers, and negative impact of substance use disorder within Blairstown and neighboring communities. CARE is committed to creating a healthy and safe environment by providing education, prevention and support resources for our residents, schools, and government agencies.

Those looking to help can join the CARE team on the third Monday of each month to plan and execute efforts to keep our community safe. We welcome your input and energy! For more information email blairstownCARE@gmail.com.

The CARE team organizes its efforts along three fronts:


  • 30-40 % of Blairstown PD activity is drug related
  • Opioids and crystal meth are of greatest concern
  • Drug related activity by location
    30% Village
    70% Surrounding town
  • Narcan incident on the rise
    2016 – 3
    2017 – 17


  • Tax cost of enforcement & emergency response
  • Proximity to schools & kids
  • Use-related crime
  • Reduced property values
  • Impairment of drivers & workers
  • Personal impact on families & friends