18 Main

A Pop-Up space for Retail and Office Work

“18 Main,” a Pop-Up space for Retail and Office Work

If you are looking to rent an affordable, short-term “pop-up” space for conducting business, 18 Main is your solution.

Located right in the heart of downtown Blairstown, NJ, 18 Main is perfect for small business owners, artisans and professionals who don’t have the resources to assume long-term rental expenses but would like to set up shop or just conduct business in a clean well-lit space for a day, or two, or even a few.

The location is a blank canvas to outfit according to your needs. The space has about 300 square feet of display area with new flooring, white walls, track lighting, ceiling fans, and air conditioning if needed. Behind the display area, the space features a small private bathroom as well as a partitioned prep space to keep materials out of sight as needed.

18 Main is owned by Ronald Fischer who donates a portion of the rental fees in support of BEC community projects and scholarship fund. Terms and conditions apply. For rental information call Cheryl Paulson, 908-362-7080.

Time Slots for Rent

  • Weekdays:  8am – 5pm
  • Weeknights: 6pm – 10pm
  • Saturday or Sunday – ½ or whole day
  • Weekend Rental: 5pm Friday – 5pm Sunday

Cost Structure

  •  ½ Day Weekday Rate 4-hour block $40
  • Weekdays – $80/day
  • 2 Weekdays – $150
  • 3 Weekdays – $200
  • Whole Week (weekdays) – $250
  • Saturday or Sunday 1/2 day – $50
  • Saturday or Sunday full day – $100
  • Weekend Rental (Friday 5pm – Sunday 5pm) – $225
  • Monthly Rental – $800
  • Smart TV Flat-screen Rental – $25

Downloadable Form: 18 Main 1st Floor Rental Agreement