18 Main

If you are looking to rent an affordable, short-term “pop-up” space for conducting business, 18 Main is your solution.

Ridge View Echo Local News Site

One BEC project team decided to end the news desert in Blairstown after learning of a new grant project sponsored by the state of New Jersey. 

Footbridge Park Revitalization Featuring the "Skate + Art Park" Proposal

The BEC recently asked community members for their input on what they’d like to see in efforts to revitalize Footbridge Park. The ideas were nothing short of amazing! The BEC is now working on a very special upgrade to Footbridge Park — a skate park with additional public artwork features!


BEC’s driving force is finding, working on, and completing projects that can have a positive and lasting impact on the community. We invite you to share your ideas and put your boots on the ground and watch the magic happen.