Blairstown officersLaw enforcement and deterrence are a critical component of any community’s fight against the opioid epidemic. For this reason the Blairstown Police are asking residents that if they “See something, say something.” It can take time to piece together a picture of criminal activity and to build a proper case. A seemingly unimportant piece of information could be the last piece of the puzzle needed to put a stop to activities that threaten our community. If you suspect you have witnessed drug trafficking activity, please contact the police department at 908-362-9000.

In 2018, the Blairstown Township Committee put more police resources into action for the benefit of the community. The Police Department added two new officers, extended coverage hours, and announced a new K-9 program with “Officer Castor,” a Belgian Malinois. Officers Herzer and Castor are trained in search and rescue, narcotics detection, and patrol.

In addition to routine law enforcement efforts, the Police Department is working multiple fronts to combat the opioid epidemic under the stewardship of Chief Johnsen. The department is building close relationships with students, educators, and administrators at local schools so that our youngest citizens recognize the role of our police officers as trusted allies in protecting our community. CARE is working with the police department to investigate options for a small pilot program for improved remote surveillance through video cameras and additional town lighting options.