Hidden in Plain Sight

More Video Initiatives to Come

CARE is working to ensure initiatives are in place to educate the entire community, from its youngest to its most senior members. CARE is working with leaders at Blairstown Elementary School (BES), North Warren Regional High School, and the Blairstown Township community at large.

The Blairstown Elementary School leadership shared information with CARE team members about the many positive steps they have taken to protect the children, including updating their health curriculum, relationship building with the Blairstown Police Department, and increased staff trainings and parental awareness. For its part, the CARE team gave a short presentation to the BES Board of Education and plans to present to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). CARE would like to arrange to have a presence at some school events such as PTO events, Back to School Night, and Tricky Tray, as well as other events in the fall in an effort to reach parents.

The leadership team at North Warren Regional High School has also taken very proactive steps to inform its community on these important matters. The CARE team gave a short presentation to the NWR HS Board of Education and the Parent Teacher Group. The CARE team is currently exploring a video project that will supplement NWR HS efforts in educating its community of teachers, staff, and students.

To reach adults in the community, the CARE team created its “Share Your Story” awareness video [LINK TO VIDEO] and has made multiple presentations to civic and church groups to talk about the facts surrounding the opioid epidemic, and steps that can be taken to protect the community. CARE has also conducted outreach efforts at community events to spread the word that addiction is a disease that no one is immune to and that families need to be vigilant to stay safe.

CARE Presentations Available

CARE is happy to visit your group to share what we have learned and to further the dialog. Contact us at blairstownCARE@gmail.com to arrange for a presentation.