Small Group, Big Ideas

In the summer of 2014 a Blairstown committee member approached a small group of town residents asking if we could help reverse the apparent decline of the Blairstown Village in hope of improving the Town’s economic prospects.

Empty store fronts, a crumbling wall, neglected buildings and overgrown lots contributed to a less than desirable appearance. As we learned later, the job was bigger than we first thought but we were enthused by the challenge, so we took on the project with a small group of volunteers and became the Blairstown Enhancement Committee (BEC). In 2015 we became a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

To get a clear picture of the task ahead, the group created a SWOT analysis to lay out the Town’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. All things considered, Blairstown looked pretty good. Its physical beauty, including a waterfall on Main Street and historic buildings, can’t be matched; there are loads of smart and talented people; we are six miles from Route 80 where 50,000 cars pass by each day; and there is just a nice friendly feeling about the place.

Armed with our SWOT, we came up with a mission statement and vision for the Town that emphasizes our strengths and deals with our weaknesses. Together with other organizations, Town residents, and a group of dedicated volunteers, we collaborate on projects in making Blairstown a better place to visit, live and do business.