It gets a little wacky around the 1 minute mark, but it’s all for a good cause!

Essentially, the bed race entails getting a team together of 5 people that will push a carriage, upon which sits a twin mattress-sized bed, approximately 150 yards.

Teams can include minors so long as the guardians sign a release, which will be provided when finalized. 

One person sits in the bed while the four others push the bed down a course. At the course midpoint, the person in the bed hops out, rings a bell, and returns to the bed. The racers then push the bed back to the starting line. 
Each team races the clock on a single lane. The team may get two heats to generate their best time depending on the number of entries. 

Another option is to “parade” a Team’s own bed down the course in the “float” category. No running is needed. You just decorate to the hilt and look to win on creativity. 

To register, go to

To submit the entry fee, please donate $75 on the PayPal site on the BEC Donation Page.

Racers should also review the formal rules document before the big day.

Thank you for joining us in this fun event!