BEC Member Theo Padavano Kicks off his Blairstown Summer Sweep by turning a rusty street sign into a work of art!

Our spring clean-up day fell prey to COVID-19, but now that New Jersey is on the mend, we thought it would be good to get back out there to help Blairstown shine!

The Blairstown Enhancement Committee is issuing a call for volunteers to show their hometown patriotism July 4 through 11 by participating in a summer clean-up event. A “Summer Sweep!”

Yes, there is always “sweeping” to be done, but there is always more. The idea is that we list “Jobs to be Done” around the town right here on Sign up Genius. Citizen Volunteers choose a task from the list they would like to tackle with their close friends and family in a safe and responsible manner.

If you don’t see something on the list, come up with your own clean-up idea and share the fruits of your labor.

No matter what project you tackle, be sure to take pictures of your group displaying your hometown pride and send them along to

COVID-19 may have gotten us all down, but not out! Hang in there Blairstown! We got this!