On August 26, the BEC enacted a new organizational structure.
The goal of the structure is to care for the management of the non-profit’s administration and support needs while setting the stage for the success of Project Team Leaders from the community who will drive the projects they have a passion for. 

The official BEC Board of Directors now consists of:

  • Dave Paulson – President
  • Olga Brazaitis – Treasurer 
  • Theo Padavano – Secretary 

The Board will be supported by operational directors tending to key functions:

  • Kevin Doell – Communications 
  • Pat Kennedy – Fundraising
  • Cheryl Paulson – Membership 

Project Team Leaders will vary by project. 

Special thanks to Bob Law for his years of leadership as BEC President, as well as Sue Habermann, Gina Trish, and Luke Twomey for their service as board members. We look forward to continuing our work together on the many great projects ahead!

For insights on incoming BEC President Dave Paulson’s goals for the coming year, checkout the quick podcast interview with Kevin Doell.