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Volunteers are a tremendous resource for the Blairstown Enhancement Committee. Absent volunteers, we would not be able to conduct projects, raise funds, or serve the citizens of Blairstown. Thankfully, our board members also serve as volunteers, but we need more help. We need you.

Good Company

Witnessing a project come to life is almost magical but knowing you had a part instills a unique sense of pride. More importantly, when you become a BEC Volunteer you work side-by-side with friends, neighbors and colleagues to beautify the Greater Blairstown Area. It’s really a wonderful thing to witness, and now you can become part of it. Volunteering is the best gift you can give our community.. and yourself.

BEC Volunteers include:

Amanda Abbiate – Paul Avery – Marisa Baguley – Nina Baguley – Philip Baguely – Carol Cook – Lauren Glory – Rita Gross – Tom Gross – Sue Habermann – Bob Halberstadt – Anthony Iurato – Jeanette Iurato – Richard Keiling – Bill Kennedy – John Kennedy – Patricia Kennedy – Karen Lance – Bob Law – Shane Lusby – Cynthia Mardin – Rosalie Murray – Grace Napolitano – Rich Polacek – Annette Sacks – Susan Schneider – Anthony Schneider – Kelly Simonetti – Jim Simonetti – Interact Students

Lend Your Talents

These days many of us are too busy for meetings, and while we want to help we may not have the financial resources to donate. Thankfully you have something worth much more than money, you have talents. Whether your skill is painting, landscaping, or gardening or you just have a desire to give back to the community where you live you can volunteer to make a difference.

To date, our enhancement projects include:

Cedar Lake Farm
Historic District Wifi
Main Street Lighting
Main Street Wall
Rain Barrel Project

The majority of these projects require ongoing maintenance or expansion. In addition, the Blairstown Enhancement Committee is continually planning future enhancement projects. And while you may not have the time for meetings or financial resources you too can become a vital part of our efforts by clearing debris, painting buildings, mowing lawns and planting flowers. Now is the time to get involved.


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Our Mission

The Blairstown Enhancement Committee (BEC) is a group of volunteers committed to making the Blairstown area an even better place to live, visit and do business.

In collaboration with its residents, business owners, township, schools and other stakeholders, the committee's goal is to create a thriving economy, while preserving the character and charm of the area.

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