Main Street Lighting

Rural Blairstown enjoys considerably (and thankfully) low light pollution. However, street lighting can have a significant contribution to the visual environment of our Historic District. The technologies used in modern street lighting are very different from those used a century ago. An important component of maintaining the charm and safety of our Historic District is carefully designed street lighting.

Many years ago our township implemented the Historic District’s streetscape lighting. This plan has served us well. However, over time some of the burned out bulbs were not replaced.

Shopkeepers voiced their concerns over the dimly lit streets and the Blairstown Enhancement Committee sprung into action. Volunteers identified burned out and broken bulbs, as well as light post identification numbers and contacted Jersey Central Power & Light. The result has been the restoration of these light posts.

Moving forward, the Blairstown Enhancement Committee will monitor the light posts for issues. In addition, research for new ways to enhance the Historic District’s streetscape lighting will continue.

The Blairstown Enhancement Committee wishes to thank the following volunteers:

Paul Avery – Jeanette Iurato – Bob Law – Cynthia Mardin

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The Blairstown Enhancement Committee (BEC) is a group of volunteers committed to making the Blairstown area an even better place to live, visit and do business.

In collaboration with its residents, business owners, township, schools and other stakeholders, the committee's goal is to create a thriving economy, while preserving the character and charm of the area.

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