Cedar Lake Farm

On July 31, 2002, Green Acres added the property formerly known as the Cedar Lake Horse Farm at 16 Cedar Lake Road in Blairstown Township, Warren County to New Jersey’s system of open space. The property comprises over 100 acres including a parcel of 42 acres between the Paulins Kill and the Paulins Kill Valley trail. Kittatinny Valley State Park operates the facility.

The farm has long suffered from neglect due to inadequate funding, as have many other State Parks and Historic sites. Future State funding continues to look bleak.

In 2015, The Blairstown Enhancement Committee in a joint effort with the State Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry, State Park Service, began efforts to rescue the legendary farm.

Termed a “special event day,” the State Park Service and volunteers from the Community took their first steps together to revitalize the facility. They worked jointly to repair fencing, paint the main barn, remove brush, and provide general cleanup.

The special event was held on Saturday, July 11, 2015. Volunteers enjoyed lunch followed by a pool party courtesy of the Blairstown Enhancement Committee.



The Blairstown Enhancement Committee wishes to thank the following volunteers:

Amanda Abbiate – Paul Avery – Marisa Baguley – Nina Baguley – Philip Baguely – Carol Cook – Lauren Glory – Rita Gross – Tom Gross – Sue Habermann – Bob Halberstadt – Anthony Iurato – Jeanette Iurato – Richard Keiling – Bill Kennedy – John Kennedy – Patricia Kennedy – Karen Lance – Shane Lusby – Rosalie Murray – Grace Napolitano – Rich Polacek – Annette Sacks – Susan Schneider – Anthony Schneider – Interact Students

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