We want your ideas and to nominate places and things that would interest a visitor to the region. Nominations can include any aspect of life in this region, from historic places to specific turns in a road, from where to eat or stay to local entertainment, festivals and other events. Nominations may contain text, pictures, video, as well as a location on a regional map. You could nominate your favorite trail or kayaking trip.
Look at the new National Geographic “Scenic, Wild Delaware River” website –

The website is focused on Geotourism – “Places to Go, Where to Stay, Things to Do” in the upper and middle Delaware River Valley area. Organized by the National Parks Conservation and National Geographic, it involves groups from nine counties in NJ and PA. It is funded by a two-year grant from the William Penn Foundation.

Nominations will be taken through the end of JANUARY and the site will go public in mid-May. The Geotourism map is interactive, so someone can click on a pinpoint. As people visit, they can also add their own comments. The MapGuide gives prospective tourists a place to “shop” for a trip. Visitors click on the pinpoints and upload interesting sites into a shopping cart. Once items are in a cart, the visitor can build an itinerary based on how many days and distance between places selected.